Oran Na Mara Site Visit January 2015

This was the weather map for the Highlands and Islands on my way to catch the ferry...towards Clunie (icing sugar mountains, frozen lochs and blue sky)

...an hour later and just over the bridge to Skye (white-out blizzard)...

...and, finally, at my beautiful destination (icy pale blue sky with tumbling clouds)....

Next morning, up early and full waterproofs donned over full breakfast tum (thank you Mrs. MacSween!) to collect more stones for the entrance hall floor...then straight to site to go through the next stages with everyone and enjoy seeing the progress made since last month.

This project must come a close second to the ceiling of Brunelleschi's Dome! I completely admire the grit and determination of the joiners...forget plonking up huge sheets of plasterboard onto a flat surface (hard enough as that is) - having shaped the "ribs" (each one slightly different according to the width of the room, which billows out in the middle), the Sterling boards are having to be cut into 200mm strips in order to achieve a smooth surface, and the same will be the case for the plasterboard going on top...before the whole area is plastered into a heavenly vault...and by the way, this team has only ever worked on "bog standard" building projects...they are completely amazing!

Found another heart!

Hmmm....each time I go, it seems a Project Team baby is either born or imminent...dangerous place!

This is a piece of a friend's 4,000 year old bogwood which Angus, a local boatbuilder and skilled carpenter, has dried in a dehumidifying tent for two weeks, sand-blasted, soaked in molten wax, then buffed to this beautiful shine. We're using about 5 pieces to form a table base and the round top's going to be textured green glass...

...and this is the start of what will be hanging above it...a sea glass and wire pendant light...it's taken an entire series of Breaking Bad for me to get this far!